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Professionally trimmed shrubs that are planted along a property in Fairlawn, OH.

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Easily maintain the size, shape, and health of your plants with shrub trimming services in Medina and nearby areas.

Our trimming and pruning services ensure your plants have healthy and natural growth throughout the year.

At Michaels Land Care, shrub trimming is one of the many add-on services that we offer to our commercial and residential clients in Medina, Fairlawn, and Montville Township. Shrub trimming and pruning are essential to the healthy and natural growth of your plants. We trim shrubs, hedges, bushes, and some trees.

Our trimming services, performed in spring and fall, are to ensure the size, shape, and look of your shrubs and bushes are maintained. We do selective pruning as well to make sure your plant is in optimal health all year long. Trimming is a combination of art and necessity and requires an expert hand and plant knowledge to complete successfully.

We recently trimmed these shrubs at a property in Montville Township, OH.

The Results of Proper Trimming & Pruning Include Healthy Blooms & Easier Hydration

Trimming and pruning are very different techniques that have the same end goal: a beautiful and healthy thriving plant. Proper trimming essentially gives your shrubs, bushes, and trees a haircut while pruning is selective removal of dead or diseased branches.

At Michaels Land Care, we encourage our customers to consider shrub trimming services due to the benefits of routine plant maintenance. Annual trimming and pruning results in:

  • Well-shaped and tidy plants
  • Plants are kept from overgrowing
  • Dead branches are removed allowing the plant to continue to grow newer and healthier branches
  • Promotion of healthy blooms and fruits in flowering and fruit-bearing trees and bushes
  • Enabling the plants to naturally reach sunlight, hydration, and nutrients easier

Trimming and pruning also allow us to spot signs of plant disease or insect infestation and warn you about them before they cause too much damage.

A Regular Pruning Schedule is Vital for Tree & Plant Health

Following the correct pruning schedule is vital to promoting a healthy shrub, bush, or tree. For the majority of plants, pruning during winter is the most common practice to allow the plant to heal quickly and provide a burst of new growth in springtime.

However, pruning post-flowering for flowering trees and bushes is important. Spring flowering plants should be pruned just after the blooms have wilted for the season. Mid-to-late summer flowering plants should be pruned during the winter or spring to enhance the next flowering. Light pruning to remove dead branches can be done at any time.

Close up of pruning shears pruning a shrub at a residential property.

Trimming on Landscaping Plants Should Be Completed During Spring and Fall

Shrub trimming twice per year will help keep your plants healthy and clean, which gives your landscaping a well-manicured appearance all year long. We recommend that customers with decorative hedges on their property have them trimmed every other month. These hedges can grow quickly and look untidy in the growth process. Maintaining their shape will keep your property beautiful and your plants healthier.

We have been providing lawn care services to Medina, Fairlawn, Montville Township, and nearby areas for over 15 years!

Our exceptional lawn care team is skilled at providing every form of lawn care service, including our shrub trimming, a perfect add on to your contract services. Our family owned and operated business is ready to serve your property with professional vehicles and uniformed team members at every visit!

For our shrub trimming services, contact us today at (330) 703-6909 for a custom quote!

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