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Leaves scatter throughout the lawn, driveway, and sidewalk ready for our leaf removal service.

Leaf Removal Service In Medina, Fairlawn, Montville Township, OH & Nearby Areas

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We offer fast, professional leaf removal service in Medina, Fairlawn, and surrounding areas.

By removing leaves from your lawn, we help make sure the grass gets needed nutrients while eliminating areas that can become an insect breeding ground.

Piled up leaves block needed nutrients like sunlight and water from reaching your lawn, and become a breeding ground for insects. Save yourself the blisters and backaches by calling in our team for a fall cleanup or leaf removal service in Medina, Fairlawn, Montville Township, OH and additional service areas.

One of our employees blowing fall leaves into a pile ready for our vacuum truck to remove them.

We Blow & Vacuum Leaves, Clear Beds & Window Wells

Our experienced team members have the gear to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We use powerful backpack blowers to clear your lawn, landscape beds, window wells, and hardscapes of leaves and other small debris. Your leaves can be sucked into our vacuum truck for removal and hauling, leaving you with a clean and neat lawn.

If our vacuum hoses cannot reach the pile, we can haul them away to be recycled. Some clients request that we simply blow all of their excessive leaves into the woods adjacent to their property. You can discuss your preferences with our crew and we will be happy to accommodate.

Leaves Choke Grass, Promote Fungus & Disease Growth

Fallen leaves create a thick layer that can prevent photosynthesis from occurring. Water is not properly absorbed, and light is blocked from reaching the blades of your grass. The result is often brown patches from your grass choking due to not enough air, or worse.

Another downside of neglecting fallen leaves is the increased chance of plant disease, mold, and fungal growth. When grass and other plants are not allowed to breathe, additional moisture can become trapped inside the mass of leaves, promoting an ideal environment for these issues to grow.

The conditions caused by piled-up leaves are ideal for fungus, mold, and even plant disease to develop.

Our Leaf Removal & Fall Cleanups Run From October to December

It’s important to go into the winter months with your yard clear and ready for the cold weather. If leaves are left piled up around your property, they can become covered in snow, leaving you with a bigger mess in the spring.

Putting your lawn under too much stress can lead to the need for overseeding in the spring. Proper preventative maintenance can help save you money and time. We offer fall cleanups that include our leaf removal service. Debris, leaves, and other lawn waste will be cleared to allow grass to breathe and become dormant.

Our leaf removal and fall cleanup services are offered from October to December. Some clients opt for a single comprehensive cleanup, while others call us out to perform several leaf removals leading into winter.

Leaves that have fallen during the fall in Medina that will need cleaned up by our crew.

Call today to reserve a spot on our schedule before we are fully booked!

At Michaels Land Care, our professional yard cleanups and leaf removal services have led to many satisfied customers throughout Medina, Fairlawn, Montville Township, and the surrounding areas.

Call (330) 703-6909 today to reserve a spot on our schedule! We can help prevent the need for lawn restoration and give you the satisfying, neat-looking yard you deserve.

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