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Residential yard after a fall clean up with re-shaped landscape beds, new mulch, and trimmed grass in Medina, OH.

Yard Cleanup Service In Medina, Fairlawn, Montville Township, OH & Nearby Areas

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Keep your lawn clear of yard debris & leaves with our yard cleanup service in Fairlawn & nearby Ohio areas.

Our yard cleanups include many services such as trimming, mulching, edging, leaf removal, and more.

At Michaels Land Care, we offer yard cleanups at any time of the year. Our cleanups consist of trimming, mulching, edging or reshaping landscape beds, weeding, leaf removal, and more. By offering these all year, we can ensure your lawn looks well-maintained, increasing your curb appeal. If you'd like us to perform a spring cleanup, we can schedule those as well as fall cleanups after most of the leaves have fallen.

Our yard cleanups are available for all of our commercial and residential customers throughout Medina, Fairlawn, and Montville Township.

Beautiful home in Medina that used our yard cleanup services to remove leaves and any yard debris.

Our Yard Cleanups Consist of Trimming, Weeding, Mulching, & More

Yard cleanups are designed to cover every facet of your lawn and landscaping a few times per year to keep up appearances and the health of your yard. While routine mowing is critical, other aspects of your property need attention too, just not as often.

Our yard cleanups consist of the following services to help keep your commercial and residential areas in check.

  • Trimming and pruning: We do trimming and pruning services on all bushes, shrubs, hedges, and small trees.
  • Mulching: We lay mulch or decorative stone in your landscaping beds.
  • Edging/reshaping beds: We bring attention to details in your yard by smoothing out and redefining the edges of your landscaping beds.
  • Yard debris removal: As we complete our yard cleanup tasks, we remove debris from the lawn and landscaping.
  • Weed pulling: We do hand pulling of weeds in your landscaping beds.
  • Leaf removal: During fall cleanups, we provide leaf removal services for your property.

We can also do cleanups for overgrown, neglected, or distressed properties. Call us at (330) 703-6909 to set up an estimate.

How We Remove Leaves and Why It's Important to Remove Them

As part of our routine leaf removal, we utilize leaf blowers, tarps, and a vacuum truck to get rid of all of the leaves on your property. We can do small and large commercial or residential lots around the cities of Medina, Fairlawn, and Montville Township. Our team uses the leaf blowers and tarps to move the leaves to the edge of your property and remove them.

Leaf removal is imperative during the fall months and protects your lawn from diseases, pests, and nutrient deficiencies. Leaf removal is our priority service offered during the fall, because letting leaves lie on your lawn is detrimental to the grass and soil below.

  • Leaves block the sunlight from reaching the grass, which can kill the roots below without proper photosynthesis.
  • They suffocate the grass by creating a layer on top of it; the longer the layer sits, the more damage is done.
  • Leaves retain too much moisture which promotes the growth of mold, fungal diseases, and lawn pests.
Our team using a blower to blow leaves into a pile on the curb ready for removal.

Schedule a cleanup for your Medina, Fairlawn, or Montville Township residential or commercial space!

At Michaels Land Care, we do more than just usual yard cleanups around the Medina region of OH. Properties that have been neglected, overgrown, or distressed may require extensive cleanup services. We have all of the equipment and labor ready to completely renovate your property.

We have been providing years of dedicated services around the area. Our family-run operation prides itself on professionalism, punctuality, and customer satisfaction at every visit! Call us at (330) 703-6909 to set up a yard cleanup for your residential or commercial space!

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